Friday, 5 April 2013

Technically A Champion

Technically a Champion.

That's how my last post ended, with those three words.  What do they mean though?  That's the tricky part.  I missed my leagues playoff weekend, and my team won the championship game in a shootout.  I was a member of the GHL Rangers, and the GHL Rangers won the championship.

I played my best all season.  2 Goals, 6 Assists, not bad for a defensive d-man in a beginners league.  Good enough for a best defenseman nomination. My wife, 3 goals in 2 playoff games, her line on fire, she gets a "most improved" nomination because it wasn't obvious it was her first year. We knew we wouldn't be there, you can't skip holidays with family for a hockey game.  Unless you're getting paid, not the one paying. Having our priorities in order, our champsionship moment would be helping to get them in, and played our hardest to get them there. 

It's a silly thought really. Miss one game and you don't count?  Nonsense.  I know our contributions over the season and the playoffs helped. We're members of that team and our mates are great people and would never treat us as anything less.

But I missed that moment.  That feeling you get when that puck goes in the net to seal your teams fate.  The sudden rush of....."WOOOOOOOOO"....that feeling.

You play for fun, you play for exercise, but you also play for that moment.  It's something I never missed until  I watched the game winning shootout. Thats where the technically comes into play.  I didn't get my moment.  I'll see the team at the banquet, I'll get my little trophy, we'll have fun being together again, I'll know we won, I'll know what we are.

We'll just have to try and do it again, and hey, Easter's at the end of April next year.

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