Monday, 22 April 2013


A few weeks ago I posted about missing my teams championship game.

This past Friday was the GHL Awards Banquet and, it made up for it.  My teams not very social apparently and I think only 1 other member was there aside from my wife and I.  The anticipation of the night was high since my wife and I were both nominated for awards; Best Defenseman and the GHL Spirit Award for me, Most Improved for Lady (who, despite being in her rookie year wasn't nominated for Rookie of the Year, I say she got "most improved" because no one realized she was a rookie).

Our coach gave us our individual championship trophies early in the evening before taking over as emcee for the night.  Videos and slideshows abounded, making ours the best beginners league ever. No, your arguments are wrong.

After some points awards they announced the Team MVP's, as voted by the players, and my team was so awesome I voted for another forward but everyone else made a different choice, and I was named our teams MVP. It was great of them to do so, I really didn't know how to feel about it, awesome was one, but amazed other thought so highly of me.  We were a great team together, and never let a loss get in our way or get us down. Easily the best team I've ever been a part of.

The GHL Spirit award went to someone else, but I'm not disappointed, i know others carry the spirit of the league better than I.

Then there's the big one.  Best Defenseman. nominated 3 years in a row.  Lost the previous 2. nominees are read. and the winner?

oh, the sweet taste of SUCK IT LOSERS
Yes! I am the greatest! Woooooooooooo!  Seriously though, voted by my peers, again, an awesome feeling.  Sadly, Lady did not win Most Improved, but did get a sweet Penguins Zamoni bank as a door prize.

Armloads of trophies
It was a great night, and I left knowing I'm in the best league ever & really felt the spirit of the League that night.  If you don't believe me you can see for yourself with the Top 10 Best Things about the GHL & below with the banquet opening video.  I'm the guy in the grey Rangers sweater with giant red pants.


  1. I agree - no arguments here about it being the best hockey league.

    Although - the most improved is from the start of the season, and she improved as quickly as anyone (well except maybe the winter), but everyone else though. Rookie or no rookie. Glad her first goal was on film.

    Excellent post.

  2. thanks for the clarification James, although, my reasoning is a better ego boost ;)

    and thanks for the great season, honestly this was the best team I've ever played with.

  3. So the slow day in the FTB led me over here once again. Sweet recap of your awards ceremony! And the video montage was pretty slick. I mean, net and helmet cams? The GHL is giving the AHL a run for their money with their up-to-date technology!

    I must say though, I had trouble picking you out in the video. maybe pinpoint a minute/second for me to watch for? Also, which was your wife's goal (I was looking for the habs jersey but I must have missed it)?


    1. Hey Cozy, thanks for commenting.

      I'm at 1:29, my wife is the next goal after that.