Thursday, 25 September 2014

Game #1 - Niagara IceDogs @ Sudbury Wolves

Game #1 – Friday Sept. 26, 2014, 7:30PM

Niagara IceDogs
Sudbury Wolves


The Opponent
Founded 1962.
No OHL Championships.
No Memorial Cups.
2012 World Jr. Club Cup Champions

The Arena

Sudbury Community Arena. Built 1951. Capacity 5,100. Classic Jr. Barn. Great sightlines, rough seats, wood ceiling, and a flying wolf. What should pop into mind when you think Jr. Hockey

The Sweater to be proud of: 
A nice combo of Blue and White, the howling wolf with the blood smacking the lips, but the apron strings.... Damn you Reebok.

The secret shame

You brought back the Green and White? What? Why?

Glorious Alumni

Randy "Feed the fucking chickens" Carlyle

Last season series: IceDogs 2 - Sudbury 4

Why this is a bad team and you should absolutely not cheer for them:  
They've played favourites withnewspapers, had a coach quit over being forced to play the owners kid. They gave us Randy Carlyle (and retired his number!). I mean if that last sentence wasn't enough to make you root against them, I don’t know what to say.  Okay sure, I do love their arena, the best old fashioned barn in the OHL now that The Jack has gone back to JrB only. They do have that flying wolf too…  What am I saying, you shouldn't cheer for this team. I've been to one game in Sudbury (ohhey look, the IceDogs destroyed them), it was quite the affair, though their fans did intimidate my poor little brother while we were there. (He won’t admit it but he still has nightmares about it). Born in 1962 but no league championships. Even the Leafs have won a championship since then! They've only made the Finals twice! How you can root for a team with such a lack of respect for the fans that they won’t win you anything in a half century. Also, they have no TV, because of two things 1) TV hasn't made it that far north yet or 2) the rumours of the Sudbury Owners not wanting games televised, forcing fans to buy tickets, aka pulling a Wirtz, are true. NO TV NO ICEDOGS MAKES ADAM SOMETHING SOMETHING....

Do the right thing, Root for the IceDogs tomorrow night.

Oh, and the Wolves pulled a Sens and hung banners for a different franchise in their arena.

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