Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Years (Opening Night Live Blog)

Alarm goes off.
"sonofabitch" I say to great the morning, as usual.
I climb out of bed cursing myself for not settling to live in a tiny condo near a GO station in Mississauga or Etobicoke, but that's a story for another blog.
I dress clumsily, sigh into the mirror at the state of my hair, not quite hockey hair, not manageable either.
I climb into my car and turn on 590, as usual.
Then it gets me.

Today is the day.

It's Opening Day.

"Hurrah!" I cheer as I stop at the gas station to fill up. I get back in for my drive to the train when I hear it.
"The Leafs and Kessel are on the verge of a new deal"



On today?


My hopes are raised and I enjoy the hosts agreeing that 7-8x8 for Phil is reasonable. After all not even Crosby has as many points as Phil does since he joined the Leafs.
(Yes Sid has been injured, shut up, don't ruin my day)

I park and prepare to board the train.
I feel my pockets.
I forgot my phone.

On this, the holiest day of days, I am without connection to my hockey world as I ride the rails.


I log into my work computer and click open my browser to my usual tabs. Twitter & Pension Plan Puppets. No better way to keep up on Opening Night news and, what is now Phil Kessel Day news.
What am I greeted with?
Hello Sexy Kessel

8x8 is the rumoured deal. Oh 'tis a great day.
I switch my wallpaper to rotating Leafs images for the season.
"Sorry son, you're adorable but it's hockey season."

Check out Stanley Cup oh Chowder, A Bruins blog, but somehow the members there are alright. They like Kessel. They like that it's 8 mil of Leafs cap space, but they still appreciate him.  I share my favourite Kessel pic with them.

As everyone settles into work Kessel news spreads. No one disagrees with it.
No one gets fired.
Today is a good day.

More hockey talk. Guy who sits next to me nabbed a Grabbo shirt for 60% off.
"He's going to do great this year" says my new boss.
"Don't ruin my day, not today" I say.

The temp walks up. She's a Habs fan.
"You're computer is gross", she says as a picture of a happy Reimer pops up
"And you're still on probation, Habs fan" I say to her.
The first of many wins over the Habs today, I can feel it.

Leave work. Head to the train. I can't control myself. I have no phone but need moar hockey. 
I buy the Toronto Sun.
Shut up.

Pick up the boys from daycare. 
"Is today the hockey game?"
"Can I stay up late and watch"
"Who are you cheering for?"
"The Maple Leafs"
"Yes. Yes. You can"

Get home, stopped at the grocery store. Got snacks.
Popcorn, Ice Cream Sammiches, Popsicles.
You know, health food.

My kids don't have Leafs sweaters.
Well shit.
The youngest is adamant about wearing hockey sweaters.
He gets a team Canada.
My oldest?
He has a Habs sweater.
I'm a terrible father.

"Is the game on yet?"
"No, we'll put it on in 10 minutes"
As he becomes visibly upset at this I do what any god parent would do.
"Here, have a cupcake"
Crisis averted.

"Put the game on!"
I put the preshow on and go to sit down when:
I fall over at the shouting.
I go make the popcorn.

"This isn't the hockey game"
"I know"
"why is it on?!"
"I don't know"
"I'm bored"
"I Know, me too, game will be on soon. I hope"

"Why is there a torch?"
"because there always is"
"familiarity is easier than coming up with original ideas"
"they're lazy"
"oh, like me when i don't clean my room"
"exactly. it's easier to leave it a mess than do work every year"
"when is the game starting?"
"when they introduce every player on the team"
"I don't want to watch this part"
"me neither"
"can i play angry birds"
......hands over phone
"sure.....now I'm bored"

"Is the game on yet?"
"why not?"
...considers how to put the phrase "because the habs aren't done blowing themselves yet" into terms a 5 year old can understand

Remember i called this a live blog.
Dont care, hockey is on


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